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Our purpose is to promote Orlando businesses online. This is an online referral directory of Orlando Businesses with business profiles. Get the business profile and search for the business you need. Sign up and get a business profile to promote your business in Orlando.

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As a way to promote Orlando businesses around the world, the Orlando Referral Group partners with The Manna Network (a global website operator co-operative).

Introducting Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is in many ways a return Tim Berners-Lee’s original web, where “no permission is needed from a central authority to post anything … there is no central controlling node, and so no single point of failure … and no “kill switch”!

With the rise of technologies such as distributed ledgers and storage on blockchain Web 3.0 will allow for data decentralization and create a transparent and secure environment, overtaking Web 2.0’s centralization, surveillance, and exploitative advertising. Decentralized infrastructure and application platforms will displace centralized tech giants, and individuals will be able to rightfully own their data.

Web 3.0’s decentralized blockchain protocol will enable individuals to connect to an internet where they can own and be properly compensated for their time and data, eclipsing an exploitative and unjust web, where giant, centralized repositories are the only ones that own and profit from it.

The Manna Network is the first-of-its-kind cooperative ad network that provides better and longer-term compensation to web content creators!

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