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Thank You For Wanting To Add Your Link To Our Classified Section!

Our's is one of a network of many on individually owned and operated websites that co-operate together to advertise each other\'s websites and now your website will be advertised on our own site and the entire network as well! It\'s a better way for us to help even more people find your website than what just our own site could provide you by itself.

You will be provided more info about this great web directory so you can become part of this bigger effort to make your website successful!

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(remove the "s" from "https" if yours is not SSL!)

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Earn Income From Reciprocal Linking

After registration, login to your dashboard and download and install our free web directory/classified ads script on your website to become a full member of the cooperative with the following benefits:

  • Receive an additional (approximately 6 weeks worth at the minumum, lowest bid rate) of Free "Manna Demo" coin (in addition to the 6 weeks worth you'll receive for registering) usable for getting your ad listing ahead of earlier and more senior ad listings)
  • Receive 50% commissions* on whatever your registered advertisers ever spend for their advertising in the network. You receive commissions in either and/or both the demo coins as well as the BitcoinSV they spend. We give demo coins to every advertiser you register which generates Demo Coin commissions for you (extending the time you enjoy better position from the initial Demo Coin)
  • You/we offer the same opportunity to earn to each of your advertisers! When they install the script, you get additional override commissions on their sales!
  • You receive commissions on your own purchases of better placement effectively getting a 50% member's discount on your own ad purchases

* Commissions earned as "Demo Coin" are spendable for advertising position ONLY and are transferable to other members. They are NOT backed nor redeemable for anything other than for better placement in the Manna Network. Commissions earned from ads purchased with BitcoinSV, on the other hand, are redeemable for BitcoinSV.

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